The leadership of DART is diverse and includes experts in the management of waste streams, from treatment to recycling to responsible disposal.

Erik Bomireto, President

  • Masters in Chemical Engineering – thorough knowledge of process design, process improvement, industrial waste treatment and recycling operations
  • 20+ years of "hands-on" experience in facility design, construction and operations
  • Specialty: Designing, constructing, improving and operating industrial facilities

Jeffrey Marvin, Vice President

  • Masters in Business and Science Administration
  • 20+ years of experience in project management, sales and marketing
  • Specialty: Project management

James G. Kreger, Compliance Manager

  • Certified hazardous material manager (CHMM), highly trained in regulatory affairs and facility management with numerous state certifications in waste treatment and regulatory compliance
  • 35+ years of recycling and compliance knowledge
  • Specialty: Regulatory and compliance, facility design and operations

James R. Kreger, General Manager

  • Certified waste water treatment operator with six different state certifications
  • 20+ years of "hands-on" experience in the design and operations of a hazardous waste facility, oil recycling and solvent recycling operation
  • Specialty: Problem solving plant operations and treatment of unique waste streams