Commonly asked questions about waste management, disposal and recycling of industrial waste.

  • Most Michigan generators (haz & non-haz) will be required to have an EPA ID # as issued by the MDEQ. However with that said there are exceptions!

    a) generators shipping solid non-hazardous waste containing no free liquids
    b) generators who can be classified as "Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator" or CESQG
    c) those who generate waste from a "Household" such as a homeowner

    In Charlotte only Hazardous Waste generators need to have a EPA ID #.

  • Liquid "waste" chemicals (non-haz only) shipped to Detroit must be on a waste manifest. Non-haz chemicals that are solid and contain no free liquid can be shipped under a bill-of-lading (BOL).

    Chemicals shipped as a product, not a waste, can be shipped under a BOL.

  • Charlotte is licensed to accept hazardous waste and non hazardous waste. View hazardous waste code list.

    Detroit is licensed for non hazardous liquids, sludges and solids, including:

    • Used Oil
    • Wastewater
    • Coolants
    • Foundry Sand
    • Baghouse Dust
    • Sludge
    • Shotblast Dust and Media
    • Paint Waste – Non-Hazardous
    • Dried Paint and Paint Chips
    • Catch Basin Material
    • Oil/Water Separator Sludge
    • Oil Contaminated Debris
    • Universal Waste (Light Bulbs, Batteries, Electronics)
    • Pharmaceutical Materials
    • Consumer Products And Goods
    • Spirits, Beer, and Wine
    • Soft Drinks
  • DART does not handle residential waste. We focus on industrial waste recycling, treatment and disposal.

  • Yes, DART provides on-site field services to help companies manage and dispose of industrial waste.

  • Yes, DART can provide a wide range of field services from demolition to remediation to clean up. In fact, the DART team has completed numerous Brownfield Redevelopment Projects.

  • Yes, DART provides a wide range of field services including on-site wastewater and liquids treatment, decommissioning, demolition, remediation, scrap removal, industrial cleaning and asbestos removal.