Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal and Product Destruction

DART is committed to employing the latest, proven innovations to help companies safely dispose of industrial waste in accordance with EPA and other requirements.

  • Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment

    DART provides a variety of services for managing, treating and recycling industrial waste streams, including: Wastewater Treatment This process involves the treatment of off-site and on-site non-hazardous industrial wastewaters and/or landfill leachates typically containing heavy metals, oils and other organics. Wastewaters are processed in dedicated treatment tanks prior to final…

    Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment

  • Hazardous Waste Treatment

    RCRA Part B Licensed TSDF DART provides hazardous waste management solutions as a licensed treatment storage and disposal facility (TSDF) for a wide variety of industries. DART technology allows for treatment as well as environmentally responsible disposal of waste and by-product for a wide variety of businesses and industries. Wastewater…

    Hazardous Waste Treatment

  • Product Destruction

    DART’s Destruction and Reclamation Division can securely warehouse, destroy and/or shred obsolete, damaged, outdated products for off-spec or otherwise unsalable consumer products. 100% Landfill Avoidance DART provides companies an environmentally conscious product destruction service. Plastic, cardboard, glass and aluminum packaging can be recycled, and shredding and repacking technologies are utilized…

    Product Destruction

  • Waste Management Services

    DART’s team of experienced environmental engineers/specialists provides the latest solutions and technologies for efficient management of industrial waste, including: Hazardous waste disposal Waste recycling Electronic waste recycling Waste oil disposal Solid waste removal Chemical waste disposal Solid waste management Field services On-site water treatment Demolition Decommissioning Remediation On-site water treatment…

    Waste Management Services