services: Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment

Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment

DART provides a variety of services for managing, treating and recycling industrial waste streams, including:

Wastewater Treatment

This process involves the treatment of off-site and on-site non-hazardous industrial wastewaters and/or landfill leachates typically containing heavy metals, oils and other organics. Wastewaters are processed in dedicated treatment tanks prior to final sewer discharge as authorized by permit from Water and Sewerage Departments.
Wastewater treatment consists of one or more of the following processes: primary, secondary or tertiary treatment for metals precipitation, chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, coagulation, flocculation and carbon absorption. Solids generated from these processes are sent for further Sludge Treatment within the facility.

Waste Oil Treatment and Disposal

Includes emulsion breaking, phase separation, decanting and solids sedimentation. End products of these processes are used oil, wastewater and solids. The reclaimed oil is stored in dedicated tanks prior to shipment off-site as a recycled product. Solids generated during this process receive further Sludge Treatment and the wastewater is transferred to on-site treatment tanks for additional processing prior to final sewer discharge.

Sludge Treatment

Treatment consists of phase separation (oil, water, and solids), followed by liquid decanting, sedimentation, sludge conditioning and solids dewatering using either one or all of the following processes: mechanical (filter press), physical (gravity) or chemical (selected polymers). Oil and water phases are further processed on-site via wastewater and/or oil treatment processes.

Drum/Container Processing

DART provides pickup and processing of drum waste, from small to large containers, including one-gallon pails, drums, cubic yard boxes, palletized container and totes. Pickups can be scheduled on a regular basis to insure you are in compliance with all local, regional and federal regulations.